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Malpractice Cases

The NEW YORK CITY DENTAL MALPRACTICE CASE sections is a regular feature of Website. The cases discussed here are actual cases, either of members of or of other attorneys around the United States, recently settled or tried before a jury. It is important for readers to understand that the facts of every case are unique to that case and to those litigants. Readers should not infer that other similar facts would produce similar results.

Readers are urged to consult with a qualified dental malpractice attorney to evaluate their own factual scenario. Every case rises and falls on it’s own merits, and results vary widely between different cases, different juries, different judges and different attorneys.

Battery and Consent Cases
Crown & Bridge Cases
Endodontics (root canal) Cases
Failure to Diagnose Cases
Legal Malpractice Cases
Nerve Injury Cases
Orthodontics Cases
Osteoradionecrosis Cases
Periodontics Cases
Trauma Cases